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(Althea Officinalis)

A wild plant found in marshes (a.k.a. marsh mallow). It is quite a beautiful plant with pale pink flowers and can be grown in home gardens.

Benefits / Functions
Demulcent. Soothes and heals ulcers, inflammations of the digestive tract, dry and unproductive coughs, cystitis and bladder irritations. Dries and soothes wet eczema. Draws abscesses from bites and stings.

Contraindications / Cautions
None known.

Method and use
The leaves can be taken freely as tea. (Can be mixed with other herbs, eg. Together with thyme for unproductive coughs. Together with bearberry for cystitis.)

Pound and powder the mallow root and mix with a little water to make into a paste. Apply on bites, stings and splinters to draw abscesses.